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Baccarat is one of the most fun and popular card games mostly played in casinos. This game was first introduced in France. The history is unknown but it is said that the soldiers who were returning from France Italian war in the 15th century started playing it.

This game is typically played between two people ‘the player’ and ‘the banker’. In this card game, each card consists of points. Such as jack, queen and king worth zero, jokers are not used at all and aces worth is 1 point. This game is played in giant casinos in the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Australia, and Macau. It has been estimated that the total income of Macau casinos consists of about 91% income straight from baccarat.


Rules of Baccarat



  1.   Basic rules:- The basic rules of this game are that the court cards stand at a value of 0 whereas others have a face value. The game starts with two cards each hand at a time. In the end, all the values of the cards are summed up and the person who has a score near to nine wins. If the score exceeds the value 9, it turns 0 rather than turning 10. The tips for playing this is to judge the score. If the score is low, the person has to take the third card. If the score is 6 then it is better not to take a 3rd card.  If the score is 5, then it is estimated to be equal both ways.

Basic rules of the game are very simple and the only choice the player has to make is whether to take a third card or not and especially in the scenarios when the score is stuck at 5.

  1.   Baccarat rules as per France (Baccarat with one table). It is also called ‘Chemin de Fer’ in the US/UK which is a double table game. The rules for the double table game differs with that of one table game. The rules state that the banker is paid by all the players or will pay to all the players. Secondly, the bankers play against the player who is on the right of the banker. Thirdly, if the player loses, the role of the banker passes to the player who is on the left of the banker.
  2.   Baccarat rules as per Latin America are quite similar too and the only difference is in the role of the banker. Players have to decide if they want to make another bet or not. The cards’ shoes will normally pass from each player provided that the player is only a dealer. Other than that, the dealer can play as other players and can easily bet either on the dealer’s hand or the player’s hand.


Conclusion:- The rules of this interesting game are quite simple but still there is a requirement of skills and tactics to play this game with expertise and increase the chances of winning. There are different versions of this game with slight differences in the rules but the basic rules are almost the same everywhere.


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