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Baccarat Terminology

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Baccarat Terminology

Online gambling platforms contain a lot of games within the site that are free to participate by all users within its website. There are various games to choose from sites such as me88 online casino Singapore. There are slots, blackjack, poker and many others. Baccarat is amongst the most famous games there is. In this game alone, there are a lot of terminologies and words used which are complicated to the common folk. Let’s go through some of it here.



Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco. It is a table game played with 6 or 8 deck of cards. The way to play this game is to wage on either the banker or player’s hand with the value totalling to 9. The term baccarat is known as the worst hand with a total of zero.



This is a Spanish word or bank. The dealer is occasionally known as banco in online Baccarat.


Banker Bet

The hand that is dealt last and acts last.



The amount of money one wishes to spend on gambling.



This version of Baccarat is more popular in European casinos and played more often that in American casinos. In this version the Banker sits between two connected tables and makes bets against two players, one per table.



The removal of 3 cards from the top after shuffling, before the game starts.



Casino representative who is responsible for the cards at the Baccarat table.



French word which means to request an additional card from the dealer.



A type of bet allowed only in some Baccarat games. The bet will be lost, as expected when both the players lose. The Cheval bet remains where it is if one player wins and the other loses. Some games allow the holding of two sets of cards to make a cheval bet, in which is paid to them if they win on both hands. If only one hand wins, it is called a tie.


Chermin De Fer

Better known as the European Baccarat, which is a popular Baccarat Variation. This version is aimed at high rollers where one of the players are in charge of handing out the cards, taking bets and playing the bank.



A commission is charged by the house (the casino) on Banker bets, as these are the most likely outcomes. The banker bet will win 45.86% of the time as opposed to the player’s 44.62% chance of winning.

Most players bet on the Banker. Hence, the casino charges a percentage commission on Banker wins which is usually at 5%. Assuming a 1:1 payout, a bet of £5 on the Banker will reward the player with £10. The actual amount received by the player will be £9.50 as a 5% commission is charged.

Some casinos do not charge a commission for a win in No Commission games. In the latter, they will have another compensation scheme for the lack of commission by paying out at different odds.



French word referring to a round of Baccarat entailing both a banker hand and a player hand.



Casino’s representative who deals out cards and oversees the game.



A term used in land-based casino games of Baccarat as in online games is usually done by a software automatically. Cutting means splitting the deck of cards into two. The dealer will usually shuffle the cards and place then face-down on the table and will ask the player to cut it by taking half the cards off the deck and placing them on the table. The dealer then places the bottom half on top of them.


Cut Card

A land-based game where a card is used to cut the deck after it has been shuffled. This card, usually made of plastic, is placed into the deck to indicate where the player wants the deck to be divided by the dealer.



Cards are dealt to a player during a game.



Representative hired by a casino to manage the table game.


Down Card

A card when it is turned face down, also known as a hole card.


Dragon Bonus

A side bet which allows the player to place a bet on how many points the winning hand will have over the losing hand. A payout is done if the winning hand is a natural (eight or nine points) or with a margin of four points or more.


Edge sorting

A technique players use in land-based casinos which are considered cheating. This technique relies on identifying the cards by the tiny differences that appear in the patter on the back of the playing cards, a by-product of the manufacturing process. Though casinos frown upon this technique, the argument could be made that it is the casino’s responsibility to ensure that the cards are up to standard.


Face Cards

Cards of Jack, Queen and king of any suit.



A term used in land-based casinos where it is essentially a bet made against a person. For example, Player A is betting on Player B losing. Therefore, Player A is actually a spectator in the game and not participating, as Player is just betting on the outcome.


Flat Bet

The same amount of bet placed by a player regardless of a winning or losing hand.


High Roller

Term for a person who makes big bets.


Hole Card

Another term for Down Card.



Another term for casino.


House Edge

Chances and percentage ratio of a casino has of winning over the players.


House Rules

Regulations of the game, buy-ins included.



The term used to refer to the act of randomly placing cards into a stack of cards.


Le Grande

Term used for the number 9 that is dealt in natural.


Le Petite

Term used for the number 8 that is dealt in natural.


Loss Bet

A bet against the Bank.


Mini Baccarat

A smaller, faster version of Baccarat. It accommodates multiple players at one time and generally offers lower table limits, in which makes a crowd favourite. Cards are dealt face-down in land-based casinos for Mini Baccarat but face up for online games.



The name given to the large mass of cards used at the start of shuffling and consists of eight decks of standard playing cards i.e 416 cards.



Amount when two cards received amounting to eight or nine.



Another term for a win.


Player Hand

The hand that is played against the dealer (bank). It does not refer to the actual participant in the game. It is one of the three available bets in Baccarat.



A player.


Punto Banco

Another term for Baccarat.



A neither winning or losing bet. The same amount is bet again in the next round.



The English term for Chemin de Fer and played in the same way.



Also known as Sabot, the shoe is the box that holds and dispenses the cards that are to be dealt.



Known as the tie.


Tie Bet

A term used when both player and dealer get the same amount of points. Neither wins in this case.



The card dealt facing up.


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