Gaming Manufacturer Claims Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer Ready for Casino Floors

Gaming Manufacturer Claims Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer Ready for Casino Floors

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Gaming Manufacturer Claims Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer Ready for Casinos

LT Game, which is a gaming manufacturer from China, has stated that the automated robotic table games dealer which the company has been developing for the last few years, is now finally ready to be used on the casino floors, as of November 2019. LT Game is a subsidiary company of Paradise Gaming, a publicly-traded gaming company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. LT Game specializes in manufactures of gaming products, and also offers casino management services around the globe. 

The company, LT Game, alluded to the Macau News Agency (known as MNA) that the human-like robotic dealer which the company has developed for several years is now ready to be hired by the casinos. Very soon, the company will begin to deliver the robotic dealers to oversea casinos. 

Paradise Gaming has also confirmed this news at the Macau Gaming Show 2019 which took place at the Cotai Strip, The Venetian. The parent company of LT Game stated that the robot dealer is capable of “steadily and accurately deliver cards in a thrilling baccarat game”. Furthermore, Paradise Gaming also boasted that the artificial intelligence robot will attach with an HD screen and “exhilarating music”. How excited! 


Disruptive Technology

According to Macau gaming laws, a table game dealer who works in a casino in Macau must be a resident of the Chinese Special Administration Region 

Statistics provided by the Macau Statistics and Census Bureau demonstrate that in the 2nd quarter of 2019, there are 25,213 table game dealers that were employed by casinos throughout Macau. Their monthly salary was said to be around $2,585, which would amount to around $31,000 yearly. This amount is comparatively higher than the median monthly earnings for an average employee in Macau, which was said to be around $1,984 in 2018. With a focus on the mass market, it is not all surprising that casinos will not have to introduce a higher number of game dealers into the industry to cope with the higher number of players anticipated in the near future. 

As the Macau News Agency was told by LT Game Engineer Ross Zhang, “local casinos lack manpower, so we invented this machine in which we keep the fun of the game while avoiding the lack of manpower with this robot”. 

Gaming Manufacturer Claims Automated Baccarat Robot Dealer Ready for Casinos


The Art of Embracing Robots

At the time when  LT Game first announced the development of the robot dealers, a Bloomberg article called the creation “creepy”. Back then, it was said that many players in the casino said that they would much prefer a real human, instead of an artificial intelligence robot in terms of understanding the rules of baccarat

However, that was nearly half a decade ago and it seems like players and the public are more open to accepting the introduction of artificial intelligence, in replacing human dealers in casinos, especially the most addictive game, Baccarat. As such, casinos are seemingly more than ready to incorporate these technologies into their facilities. Moreover, according to the owner of Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzman, stated earlier this year that “AI will shape the world in ways we cannot imagine”. 

“The sooner we come to an understanding of AI that ensures its powerful capabilities are a net positive for people and workers, the more wisely we can develop and deploy it,” Schwarzman concluded.


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