How to Register me88


me88 is a famous and trusted online casino site based in Singapore. It is run by an American-owned casino company Las Vegas Sands Corp. This online gambling platform is perfect for beginners and seasoned players who want to enjoy new online casino games while winning significant cash. 

For the past few years, me88 has been providing a real-life casino gaming experience. It is an excellent destination for popular, versatile games. Players can find fun and exciting betting games, such as live casino, hot dealer games, sports betting, e-sports, and jackpot-based slot games. 

This online casino website provides a very intuitive interface for mobile and desktop, where all the tabs are neatly placed on-screen. That way, players will experience a fast and straightforward process. Plus, placing bets is quick and seamless.

When playing online casino games, safety and security are critical criteria as they provide confidence to the players. To this end, this online casino platform hired professionals to handle all security measures using the most advanced solutions to combat different types of breaches and cyber threats. 

me88 does not only focus on providing a wide array of online casino games and secure gaming experience but also prioritizes the availability of professional and friendly customer representatives and easy access to 24/7 customer support. Plus, players can take advantage of secure payment methods. Their safety is guaranteed when using credit cards and other means to fund their wallets.

If you are interested in joining me88 and enjoy many online casino games, rewards, and jackpot prizes, keep reading and discover easy ways to register.


Register Now at me88

Before anyone can play any game at me88, they should first register members. Fortunately, the registration process and playing various online casino games on this platform is straightforward. 

New me88 patrons are advised to be extra careful during registration, considering the rising number of fraudulent websites sharing the same structure with me88. So, ensure to register on me88 official account.

Players are also advised to provide correct details. They do not have to worry about the safety or confidentiality of their personal information. me88 utilizes various measures to ensure safe and secure space for every player. There is no third-party sharing or sending of information without the owner’s permission.

The online casino site encourages every new player to provide accurate information, including full names, and contain details. By doing so, issues and inconveniences are avoided during the e-wallet funding on their account and withdrawal. 

Additionally, before interested players can sign up, they must be over 18 years old to meet the legal gambling rules and regulations.


Gathering Information

One of the best things about me88 is that the registration process is quick and easy, attracting more players with less online casino gaming experience. Completing the procedure does not need a lot of time.


Start the process

To become a me88 member, interested individuals must sign up on the official website. The only information needed while signing up on this online casino platform is preferred username, full name, password, email address, contact number, and affiliate or referral ID. Once they have created their accounts, they can start logging into their accounts using their log-in details: username and password.

  • Username

Interested online casino players are free to choose their preferred username while signing on to the platform. 

  • Password

New players are advised to use a strong password to ensure no one can easily guess it and use their accounts for fraudulent activities. While they can use whatever password they want, they still need to ensure that it is easy to remember but not easy to guess.

  • Full name

A full name is also required during the registration process. New me88 patrons must provide accurate information and check if the spelling is correct to prevent later issues.

  • Email Address

Anyone who wants to register as a new player at me88 must provide their active email address. From there, the platform will send critical information associated with the registration, gaming experience, and more. 

  • Mobile Number

The online casino platform also requires new members to provide their mobile numbers for communication purposes. They have nothing to worry about sharing this information before it remains confidential.

  • Affiliate or Referral ID

If they have discovered the platform through me88 affiliate member or referral, they can enter that person’s affiliate or referral ID. 


Register and Log-in Process

Now, it’s time to start the register and log-in process.

  • Join for FREE 

Registering on me88 is for free. Look for the JOIN NOW button on the top of the website to enter the signup tab. On this page, enter the password. Since the affiliate or referral ID is optional, they can skip it. In the next screen, just click the “JOIN NOW” button and provide your contact information. Click on the REGISTER button.


  • Make the First Deposit 

After completing the registration process, new members will head to the next page. From there, they have to ascertain various payment options. Deposits are made through Bank Transfer or Quick pay. The different channels to make deposits are ATM, Cash Deposit Machine, Online Banking, and Over the Counter transactions.


  • Choose Any Online Casino Game 

Verified new members can access the list of games available on me88. They can choose any online casino games they want to play from the list, including slots, live casino, online fish shooting, and sports betting.


  • Enjoy the Gameplay

Once new players have signed up and funded the games they wish to play, the next big thing they should do is place their wager and start playing. The minimum bet they can make depends on the game type they choose to play. It is highly recommended to start with smaller amounts to get familiar with the games before they take bigger risks.


Using their mobile device or desktop, they can easily log into their account using their username and password and enjoy playing anytime, anywhere they want.